International Student Office

Admission Division:

< >Responsible for management and coordination of admission for international degree and non-degree students. This includes: researching and formulating admission policies and management methods of International students; promoting various programs; recruiting international undergraduate students, graduate students, non-degree students and scholarship students.

[Undergraduate] Tel:(86)-(21)-65642258; Email:
[Graduate] Tel:(86)-(21)-65642258; Email:
[Non-degree] Tel:(86)-(21)-65642250; Email:
[Language Students of ICES] Tel:(86)-(21)-55664859; Email:

Student Affairs Division:

< >Responsible for visa processing, residence permit application, insurance etc; responsible for the society and club management and arranging cultural and physical activities for international students at university level; responsible for management of on-campus residential area for international students; responsible for alumni association of international students; responsible for assessment and management of scholarship for current enrolled international students; assisting relevant divisions to do the job of student status and academic affairs.

Tel:(86)-(21)-65643413 / 55664568; Fax:(86)-(21)-65117298

Administrative Division:

< >Responsible for the daily administrative and secretarial tasks of ISO; researching and drafting management policies regarding international students; procurement, registration, management and maintenance of fixed assets; statistical report; informationization of ISO, etc..

Tel:(86)-(21)-55664566 / 65642251; Fax:(86)-(21)-65117298

Workstation at Fenglin Campus:

< >Responsible for management of daily affairs of international students at Fenglin Campus.

Tel:(86)-(21)-54237742 / 54237798; Fax:(86)-(21)-6403739

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