Notice on the application of Bai Xian Asian Future Leaders Scholarship 2018

Bai Xian Asia Institute (For short: The Institute) was founded by Bai Xian Education Foundation (For short: The Foundation), implementing scholarship and other educational programs. The Foundation was a non-profit private organization registered in Hong Kong, aiming at charity only. The Institute highly promotes the AFLSP, which provides up to US$50,000 for high-caliber students from across Asia to study abroad at a leading university in Asia. All the students who obtain the scholarship will be the Bai Xian Asian Scholars. The relevant information about the application for the scholarship is as follows: 



Dec. 2017 – 31, Jan. 2018: online application (;

Feb. – early March 2018: selection and recommendation by Fudan University;

Mid March – early Apr. 2018: selection and interview by the Institute;

May 2018: conditional scholarship offers will be announced on the website of the Institute.


Attention on the application

I  Eligibility

1.      Degree students studying at Fudan University (undergraduates or postgraduates, registered students or new students, scholarship students or self-support students)

*  Registered students who are in the last year of study for the academic year 2018-2019 are not included.

2.      Applicants should be citizens of Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

II  Applicants must fill in the online application form in English.

*  Registered students should write the student number; new students should write the application number (Those who don’t have the application number please write 0000 for undergraduates and 1111 for postgraduates).

III All the students who have submitted the application for scholarship to the Institute should also send the application information to the following E-mail address:, and indicate “Bai Xian Asia Future Leaders Scholarship Application” in the subject.

IV Students who are finally recommended by Fudan University need to submit the required application documents including transcripts, recommendations, etc. to International Students Office of Fudan University. (Specific name list and time will be announced later).


Award Details

1. Successful candidates will be supported over the course of their degree studies at Fudan University, subject to a maximum commitment of US$50,000 from the Institute.

2. The students who accepted the scholarship MUST attend the BXAI Summer Program. If the student ceases to study at Fudan University for any kind of reasons, he/she will not be given the scholarship.


Contact Information

Ms. Zhuang Jia

Room 106, International Students Office, Fudan University

Office Hour: Mon.-Fri. 8:30-11:30 & 13:30-17:00

Tel: +86-21-65643413



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